Twenty Minutes, two generations

My dear friend Cé has a podcast with José Loreto called “20 minutes 2 Generations” (twenty minutes two generations). A wonderful conversation between friends sharing music and incredible anecdotes.

In this 20 minutes program, you can enjoy the difference between these two generations. Cé in his 30´s and Jose in his 60´s explore together music from different times and contrast them with the new releases and tendenies.

They gave me a change to do their cover and I love to be part of this process. Here I share with you some before photos and the final result.

Un sketch rápido en color azul.
This is the first sketch based on a suggestion made by Cé.
Fotografías de referencia, el Sr. Loreto al lado izquierdo y Cé del lado derecho.
Here is another sketch using photographic references.
Líneas en azul iniciales, la silueta de ambos muy simple.
The first lines, here is a panda (not mine, is from a friend of Cé).
Acercamiento de las siluetas ahora en tinta negra.
Lines now in black.
Paleta de colores, utilicé púrpura, azul, fuscia.
Playing iwth colors, I used the Panda bear from Cé as a inspiration for the color palette.
Ambas siluetas con los colores y sombras.
With Colors, shados and lights.
Twenty minutes, two generations.
The final result is two tones of blue, and I included the name of the podcast and that panda bear changed with an illustration created by me.