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Welcome to my Software Engineer Portfolio and Blog! Here, you’ll find a curated collection of my passion, creativity, and technical expertise in the world of software development. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you find inspiration ❤️☕


Cafetito – Coffee Ration App in Flutter

Introducing the PerfectBrew Coffee Ratio App “CAFETITO”. Are you tired of the morning coffee guessing game, never quite nailing that ideal cup of joe? Look no further! Our user-friendly app is here to revolutionize your coffee brewing experience. Created with the 0x365 team. Read More

Cervantes – AI One-shot generator

With a group of friends, we finished a small project with Nextjs as a framework using Firebase and OpenAI. It was a pretty fun experience, the web application creates a “one-shot” adventure. Read More

How to be a good Citizen

This project represents the culmination of my work in the Interaction Design Specialization. I aimed to address a critical issue: corruption. Read More

Curia Sport Login / Registration

Curia Sport Center booking site used to have one daily support call about from regular users complaining about password reset “I can’t change the password, could you change the password for me?” 
Read More

Reverse Auction Prototype Edit profile.

Reverse Auction / prototype

This web app was a whole new prototype for one of our customers at Global Resources. The customer’s field is in real state and they wanted a brand new way to locate and promote sales. Read More

illustrations ❤️

Check more ilustrations: https://freshorangedesign.com/illustrations/

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