Reading news with gestures

I created a “Mage of Oz” prototype based on the idea of reading the news meanwhile you eat your dinner.

What do you think users would like most about using your imagined design?

As a feedback with my mother that tested the prototype. She said that the greatest thing is that she just can sit down and eat without getting food on the keyboard or touchscreen. Great Gesture Design will help users in the future to achieve simple tasks in a very fun way.

What do you think they would find the biggest drawback to be?

Well as the technology is not yet advanced sometimes it can be trigger with other movements beside the hand movement. My mother grabbed the cookie and then the page changed. I integrated a screen with the instructions, but sometimes it was difficult to control.

What was the hardest part about creating a good gesture?

Investigating: I have lots of ideas and watched lots of clips in youtube because I was planning to do a video game. I have to record myself making the gestures and see what can be done or not. Also i recorded my son and my mother before and watch the way they attempt to use the system. This first test were made with some of us changing the page using flipboard (my kid have a blast). My husband suggested me to watch an episode of “Black Mirror” (you should see it  “Fifteen Millions Merits”)

What was an idea you rejected?

Creating a video game using the right hand as a sword, and the left hand as a movement control. I have imagine a game where you can actually use both hands in order to collect items in the inventory. Why did i reject it?, it was way too complex to make during the weekend: props, graphs, etc.

What did you learn about prototyping from this exercise?

That i love this! I hope i can make more prototypes. I actually use code: William Wu’s library… I just can’t wait to make something else. I also learned that is easy to be distracted with all the available options, you should be focus in the task to make.

This prototype was made thanks to William W. Wu‘s code. It is available at: