Introducing the PerfectBrew Coffee Ratio App “CAFETITO”, a delightful and practical creation by me and my husband. Are you tired of the morning coffee guessing game, never quite nailing that ideal cup of joe? Look no further! Our user-friendly app is here to revolutionize your coffee brewing experience.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned barista, PerfectBrew will be your trusty companion, guiding you to brew the perfect cup of coffee every time. Say goodbye to coffee disasters and say hello to a consistently excellent morning ritual.


We are habit coffee drinkers and since I need to prepare coffee every morning, sometimes I need to make adjustments in the amount of coffee/water used according to the coffee/method I’m using, as well as the amount of people. I found a simple App on Google Play and I was using it every day, but I was always wondering if I could make my app, and in Spanish. Yes, is a pity not finding apps in your own language. So I talked with my hubby about it and we created the first version during one weekend.

Here are some photographs of the research process, I checked how I prepared coffee with and without an app to help me with the coffee/ratio, after recording the whole process in video, we got a list of features and started working with a paper prototype.

Early designs

I drafted the paper prototype really quickly, I wanted a clean interface and just the most basic feature. I just wanted to select to start with the coffee measurement or water measurement and get the correct ratio of coffee or water according to a level of strength.

We developed the app during a weekend, Alex helped me to set up the basic architecture, and initial code in Flutter, and he also went through the really tedious process of answering every form for Google Play. I was in charge of making the interface more like the design we had in mind, and I also fixed some of the functional code in Flutter as well. It was the first time using Flutter for both of us, and it was really wonderful to see how fast we could create something with a simple feature.

Final version

After about two or three working interactions we ended up with the current look and feel of the app, we still have a backlog of things we would like to improve, but for a really quick prototype, it was a great experience.

You can download this app directly from Google Play: “CAFETITO”

Why Cafetito? It means small coffee in Spanish. This app is currently available in that language only. Please, feel free to contact me back if you want to see new features in Cafetito at