Reinterpret your favorite art piece

This is my second formal assignment from the course “Illustrations Techniques to unlock your creativity”


By Adolfo Serra

It is recommended that you have a wide area to work with, with different materials or techniques to combine and mix. Thus the process will be more automatic, free and fresh.
There is no limitation of materials, you can use everything you want, or have.

– Choose a painting and observe it.
– Draw and interpret the painting with all possible techniques.
– Make a series of drawings based on the original picture.
– It is not about doing perfect works, that is not the purpose, but to play and try, not to think.
– Take pictures or scan your drawings. Remember to present your work in the most professional way possible. Do not upload any blurred or poorly composed photos!
– Share the original table in the forum, show the work, date the author and the date.
– Then upload your drawings.
– Share your feeling or experience.
– Explain why you chose that work.
– If you could only keep a drawing, what would it be?

Here is the result!


It's a fair attraction, a giant Caterpillar with a funny face that kids can ride. This is the original work by Maria Solias.
Available for purchase at the Author’s website.

Author: Maria Solias

Title: A time machine named Gus.

Date: August 3, 2021

Feeling or experience: Feeling of hope, childhood, happiness, nostalgia.

Why I choose this work? This piece reminds me of a better time, I’m from Venezuela and on February we have a local fair in my city “San Cristóbal, Táchira”. Riding this Guzaman! or Gus was the greatest thing ever. I ride it with my brother and friends, and later with my cousins. I can’t have this moment again, because of the dictatorship in Venezuela we are all scatter all over the world. I feel sad because I can’t have this very same moment with my nephew (he is 5 years old and I haven’t meet him in person).

If I could only keep one drawing of the ones I made, it will be the bored girl at a party using a Gus costume. I think it reflects something that I made from scratch re-thinking the original work. What would the girl look right now that is all “Grow-up”.