Unit 4: To stain your hands II

Again keep going with the online course “Illustration Techniques to Unlock your Creativity” by Adolfo Serra in Domestika.

Creative freedom with waxes

For this exercise, Adolfo wanted us to play around waxes, we were instructed to choose any topic. I choose sea creatures. It was difficult for me because I was not comfortable (no chair, and it was really hot) at that time. I used the watercolor waxes, but I have to admit I prefer drawing with regular waxes instead. Also the notebook didn’t help so much, is not for watercolors and got damage in some places. But it was fun! totally fun!

Natural pigments

I played with Blueberries (juice), Early Gray tea, Matcha, Coffee, and turmeric.
I’ll have to admit that for me the best was coffee, it was from an espresso shot, so it was dark and yummy (testing the pigment before for the flavor of course hehehe).
It worked pretty well with the pen nib and … just loved this exercise ?

Can’t avoid sharing the watercolor palette made by my friend . (@airamzr) / Twitter