How to apply SEO to frontend development?

SEO means “Search Engine Optimization”, and is the way to write titles, keywords, and metatags (descriptions) + alt, captions, and names for images and files.

Search engines use this information and their algorithm (and user’s data preferences) to determine the ranking of each website (Nowadays there are paid spots too).

People in charge of this task generally have to be constantly learning to adatp to changes in the “algoritm” made by the main search engines.

The most important search engines available are: Google y Bing.

I partiulary use a search engine that is a bit more respectful with my data, the browser’s name is Brave (Note: that it was secure at the time I wrote this article, it might change overtime).

How you can “do” SEO for your web site?

There complete guides that describe the process and how to do it:

From my point of view I think is best just to create good content, but you can use tools to assist yourself in doing this task. For WordPress sites, a pretty good plugin is Yoast

Recently there are wonderful tools that can help you out with the “copy’ or to create an attractive text specially using artificial intelligence. For example:

What is the easy way to make sure the code you are working on has good SEO?

Simply, you must make your code compliant with the WebAIM’s WCAG 2 Checklist . Making your site accessible assures that the images and other aspects of SEO are also covered.

Is there anything else?

As far as I can remember, a recommendation is to enable a simple link to the sitemap of the website, and it seems that is still in use. For some frameworks and languages, you can easily create these sitemaps, or are available by default. In WordPress, you can create that using Yoast as well.

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