• capstone

    Achievement completed!

    Finally I have completed "Interaction Design Specialization" here is my capstone project and the process behind it.

  • work


    It is difficult to just said that we have something without actually having a medical degree, but I feel burnout. As a mother / computer engineer / partner of Alex I thought that I was capable of archive everything in my life.

  • capture_wireframe


    In this times of changing technology you can find all sort of devices, It's time to know how to adapt design according to each project and target audience.

  • capture_wireframe


    After knowing the user's needs and having a set of ideas, it is time to work in a prototype. Wireframes should be in black and white, and also should include notes to explain interaction if is needed.

  • UX structure


    Synthesis is the step after you gather the information, you would like to do this step before ideation since here we are going to generate personas and Journey maps.

  • Kids playing


    Is the first step you have to take to create an user center design. The goal is to find the real user needs supported by real data and not only assumptions.

  • EddandI

    A new start!

    Last year (2015) I started to dedically to study UX and I enrolled in Coursera's Interaction Design Specialization.

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